Through the analysis of product transportation links, we can provide the best packaging solutions and reduce the customer's product logistics costs.

Yongxin packaging solutions, warehousing, logistics services, including:

●Advisory services: packaging design and logistics services

●Inner packing: packing protection

●Disposable packing: unidirectional outer packing

●Returnable packaging: reusable, recyclable packaging

●Storage and logistics distribution

Packaging solutions and one-stop service

Provide overall packaging solutions to customers, from product design to packaging material manufacturing to packaging, warehousing and shipping field and each link, we have strong ability of packaging design and trained with regularity work team, solutions can provide a complete supply chain.

Field packing

Provides comprehensive services, including on-site packaging and packing services, which bear the entire process of design, production, delivery, and use of packaging materials.

Through this business, our users will benefit in the following areas:

Reduce waste of raw materials
• cut fixed costs
• the use of real-time feedback packaging materials
Customers do not need to build their own packing and packing procedures without hiring the relevant personnel
Enhance brand image
• dedicated R & D products to improve product excellence.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Provide supplier inventory management services, undertake timely packaging materials procurement and supply responsibilities, reduce warehouse storage area and fund occupancy. Markets with short delivery times and frequent changes require flexible, rather than fixed cost logistics solutions.

This service has the following features:                                             

Forecast leading supply;

• purchase packaging materials and control quality;

One contact corresponds to an invoice;

The risk of dying stocks and scrap is at its lowest;

Manage all suppliers.


Network management is implemented through supply chain process control (VFC): 

Bar code function;
no controversial solution;
Fully transparent to all participating groups;


• Manage all suppliers through VFC;
• decrease in non current capital;
• Reduce management costs;
• Deliver on time (JIT);
• Quality control;
• Focus on core action;
• Rapid replenishment.

Packaging product design

According to the customer on the product appearance, protection, operation, storage, transportation and environmental requirements, according to their own situation to make a set of standard packaging operation itself or the localization and production system, so as to more effectively serve the reality and quality control, and provide a basis for the platform design complete packaging solutions for sustainable development on the one hand, in the future, the design has the following 2 characteristics:

The use of procedural processes
• focus on packaging and logistics cost optimization
We believe our users will benefit from the following design features in Yongxin:
Neutral, unbiased, user oriented design principles
Optimize packaging and logistics costs
Reduce the cost of packaging development
• to provide users with more design and product application resources through strong purchasing power and professional packaging knowledge and experience.
Reasonable and effective reduction of packing cost.

A brief flow chart of customer packaging design

Storage and logistics distribution

You don't have to worry the size of your warehouse, we usually according to the customer's plan and shipment date to provide the most convenient service. We help you solve the stock site and reduce the storage cost. Our supply is supplied according to the demand of the production line, reducing the stock outside the production line. 24 hours all day delivery service. Provide reasonable storage, transportation and other services according to customer requirements.