Use the most suitable material
Time: 2017-07-03 08:15:05Copyfrom: Suzhou Yongxin Packing Engineering Co., Ltd.

Use the most suitable material

Based on a variety of material characteristics and extensive application experience, we can tailor the most suitable package for all kinds of products.

How is the integrated application of multiple materials realized in the design process?


Determine the use of materials according to their product characteristics



During the delivery of the product from the A to the B, it is essential to ensure that the product characteristics and appearance have not changed. Therefore, according to the product characteristics, especially sensitive products, the use of a variety of materials to provide adequate protection.


Consider the requirements of product protection in the process of logistics




In the supply chain, between the A point and the B point, the product will pass through a number of moving and different transportation modes, which will bring different impact and vibration to the product. At the same time, humidity and temperature will change with time and area, which need to be dealt with in package design.



Our design team has extensive experience in the design of multi material packaging solutions. Through the combination of solid wood, plywood, corrugated paper, plastic, iron and other materials, you can provide your products with the most appropriate packaging program, to ensure that products in the transport link to get good protection.