Reduce the total cost of the supply chain
Time: 2017-07-03 08:14:26Copyfrom: Suzhou Yongxin Packing Engineering Co., Ltd.

Reduce the total cost of the supply chain

Through the analysis of product transportation links, we can provide the best packaging solutions and reduce the customer's product logistics costs.

How will the total cost of reducing the supply chain be achieved?






Sail resistance can be reduced by packaging design to minimize the overall transport costs of customers. Tailored packaging can substantially increase the stack density of the product, thereby saving the cost of single piece transportation.






Sail resistant design package, you can better and faster completion of the product packaging, saving your packaging and loading links in the labor costs.






Sail can not only provide overall packaging solutions, but also provide JIT and OEM services, so that you can more timely access to packaging products, thereby reducing inventory and operating costs.


Product protection




The sail resistant packaging scheme can not only provide full range of product protection in the transportation process, but also reduce the risk of product damage greatly. At the same time, it also reduces the packaging cost by using the least material.






The sail - resistant packaging scheme enables packaging of products to be folded, optimized for filling and stacking capabilities, thereby greatly reducing customer storage space and cost.


Environmental Science




The sail - resistant packaging solution uses environmentally friendly materials that substantially reduce the cost of processing scrap.