The iron box has large packing capacity and convenient operation
Time: 2017-06-06 16:25:50Copyfrom: Suzhou Yongxin Packing Engineering Co., Ltd.

In recent years, many manufacturers gradually change the one-time packaging to iron box packaging, especially in the automotive parts category, the application of iron box packaging is more common, it can be applied to the entire automotive industry in the upper and lower categories.

Why is iron box packaging so popular? On the one hand, the iron box packaging capacity is large and convenient to operate, on the one hand, this kind of iron box equipment has the following characteristics:

First of all, this is a logistics container made from international standards. Most of the raw materials, as well as semi waste and waste products, can be used to store them. The iron box packing operation is very convenient, and the function is very powerful, ordinary can use more than ten years time.

The iron box has large packing capacity and convenient operation

Secondly, the iron box packaging is the use of standardized specifications processing, so that since the storage and management of the time will be more convenient. The iron box has a very large capacity to fill all the materials, and then the iron cases can be folded up to about four stories.

Again, when they do not use the iron box, they can be folded up and stopped piling up, so that it will not occupy too much space, and save limited space resources. The iron case can be used in conjunction with forklift and pallet trucks to facilitate the transportation and transportation of goods, as well as the handling and storage of various logistics.

Finally, the carrying capacity of iron box packaging is very large, effectively improve the logistics efficiency, and help many enterprises to improve enterprise efficiency.